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Member Engagement

Helping Members Take Control of Their Healthcare

Person using the HealthSmart Member Portal on tabletWhen members take charge of their healthcare, two things happen. They become more proactive in their care resulting in better health outcomes. Then, wIth improved outcomes and better health, healthcare costs decrease for both the member and plan sponsor. 

A big part of member engagement is member satisfaction with their health plan. When things get complicated, members get frustrated. As a result, member satisfaction and member engagement can decline over time. At HealthSmart, we are skilled in member advocacy with the goal of making healthcare simple for our members. 

HealthSmart Member Portal and Mobile App

HealthSmart members have easy, anytime access to their health benefits information through the HealthSmart Member Portal. They have access to information on their coverage, claims status, deductible progress and much more. Plus, members always have access to their Member ID cards at their fingertips with a digital ID card available anytime. For on-the-go access, the HealthSmart Member Portal is available as an app for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. 

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Simplified Member ID Cards

We’re committed to providing our clients with the very best benefit administration services and constantly review our solutions down to every last detail. Member ID cards are no exception. 

Lady smiling while holding her Member ID cardWith our newly redesigned ID cards, members and providers will find clearer information and better instructions, and employers will see their name and brand represented as the sponsor of their self-funded plans.

  • Prominent display of employer’s company name and logo.
  • Clear instructions for providers on how to verify eligibility and submit claims.
  • Member portal details, including instructions for downloading the mobile app to access their health plan information and digital member ID card anytime and anywhere.
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Digital ID Cards

If a member has forgotten or lost their ID card, they always have 24/7 access to a digital version through the HealthSmart Member Portal. Members can print a card at home from their computer, or access a digital version on their smartphone or tablet from the HealthSmart Member Portal app.


Illnesses and ailments don't always show up at convenient times or places. That's why HealthSmart offers telemedicine services through our partner, Teladoc Health. Members can speak to a licensed doctor by web, phone or mobile app in minutes. Teladoc doctors can diagnose and many health issues like cold and flu symptoms, allergies, rash, skin problems and much more, and can even send prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy.