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Unemployment Compensation

Claims administration, consulting and tax services to reduce unemployment compensation costs

Even when unemployment rates are low, workforce levels will always fluctuate. While this is challenging for affected workers, employers face their own challenges due to associated costs. As with any risk program, unemployment insurance needs to be managed effectively.

HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions helps employers reduce unemployment compensation costs with a combination of services, analysis and consultation. With our professional claims administration, we provide accurate information with strategic advice. We provide consultative services to assist the client’s legal team. We also ensure the accuracy of the tax rates being paid and that our customers take advantage of any reductions available.

  • Ensure accurate, timely filings
  • Achieve success in appeals and help employer witnesses understand their roles in hearings
  • Get expert advice and legal assistance
  • Reduce tax rates with analysis reports and strategies

While unemployment compensation helps former employees transition, it can be costly for the employer. We can help protect your company and take control of unemployment costs.