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Liability Programs

Technology and experience to manage liability claims

Sooner or later, nearly every company experiences some type of liability risk due to lawsuits or similar claims. When faced with liability claims, effective management of these claims is essential. Done right, loss prevention and aggressive claims management will protect your company’s assets. Experts, such as engineers, doctors and attorneys, may be needed to assist in the proper handling of your claims. It can be a long, tough road.

Liability Programs hands typing on a computerHealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions’ Liability Programs helps our clients navigate liability claims. From the initial contact, our highly-experienced adjusters perform thorough investigations and evaluations of each claim and deliver an accurate assessment of liability. We identify possible fraud and evaluate subrogation opportunities. We’ll help determine if investing in experts or investigations will result in lower payments. Ultimately, we help make sound decisions when determining whether to settle, mediate or litigate claims.

  • Resolve claims quickly at avoid litigation with our adjusters who are skilled negotiators
  • Save money and unneeded steps by maintaining control of the claim and litigation with our adjusters who push for settlement before going to trial
  • Submit claim information accurately, on time and in compliance with all government mandates
  • Receive reporting and claim reviews tailored to your company that identify trends and enable you to pursue positive resolution

HealthSmart Casualty Claims’ Liability Programs helps protect your company when faced with liability claims with expert adjusters and state-of-the-art-technology for analysis and reporting.