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Workers’ Compensation

Beginning-to-end workers’ compensation claims management

HealthSmart Workers' Compensation Construction WorkerWhen work-related accidents or illnesses occur, the first goal is to get the employee better and back to work as quickly as possible. But that’s just the beginning. To prevent future incidents, employers should analyze the situation, then take steps to better train employees. They must also develop return-to-work options by providing appropriate positions upon recovery, and they must manage claims aggressively and proactively. To further complicate things, the rising cost of workers’ compensation claims must be addressed.

HealthSmart Casualty Claims Solutions tackles these issues with an integrated approach to the process. We manage workers’ compensation claims efficiently and cost effectively with a comprehensive approach that manages the entire episode of the claim. We focus on ensuring the best possible outcome for the injured worker at the lowest cost. Each and every step of the claims process is a critical event. With careful oversight, we work hard to better resolve the claim and achieve success for everyone involved.

  • Comprehensive claim management from start to finish
  • Oversight and advocacy to ensure the best outcomes for injured workers
  • Cost savings for employers by mitigating the cost of workers' compensation

Our approach is simple: we listen to our clients’ needs, dig deep to understand their industry and assemble an experienced team to provide the best resolution possible. And we’ve been doing it for 75 years.